Interiortrendlab.com is a trend & styling forecast service with a focus on delivering accessible and commercial, yet inspiring themes and ideas for the interior design market.
We cover for you the vast amount of information and gather and combine it
into accessible and workable tools to be used for further product- & collection development.
All we deliver is based on our view, knowledge and intuition of what is happening in the world of design and design related areas.
We provide a curated, relevant, timely and inspiring overview of interior design trends, colour- and shape stories and how to utilise them in the creative design process.
Our goal is to bring you lots of inspiration, but also readymade themes and ideas to source and/or develop for your collections.
Inspiration is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today!


Jeannette Bos is Owner & Creative Director for Interiortrendlab.com.
Jeannette has worked for many companies in different fields of retail for over 20 years.
She has been head of Concept and Design as well as head of Buying, and therefore understands the different demands that can arise while working on collections and product development on one side and the commercial business interests on the other side.
She is a hands-on person and passionate about creating inspiring, yet commercial collections.




Having worked in retail for so many years I learned that companies need to be open minded and flexible so they can adapt to new developments in the market.
Next to that a clear vision is needed because it gives focus on what is and what isn’t important for being succesful in business.
Inspiration and creativity are key to making a difference when creating new and distinctive, yet commercial products and/or collections.
My goal is to give you (your team) relevant insights and comments on what is going on in the industry so you can integrate these in the product development process.
Although it seems that the pace of trends sometimes is fast, I see in almost every aspect of design that trends develop and mature, that they are more thoughtfully created and put together therefore creating a more solid base on which to build further.
Working together with people from different creative fields also gives a new dynamic to collections because they approach design from a different angle.
This blurring of boundaries between art/design/street style is an inspirational source not to be missed.